Cleveland´s black Devel from Sky´s Garden

Clarion Star Catcher

Clarion´s When WorldsCollide

Clarion´s Gambit Nightfall

Clarion World Class

Ch.Heatherri-Clarion Silver Springs

Ch. Gambit´s A Hurricane Brew´N

Ch. Clarion Careless Whispers

Clarion´s Endless Happy day vom Sachsenhof

Clarion Silver Smoke Luna

Clarion Alenclaud Alliance

Clarion´s When WorldsCollide

Ch. Gambit´s A Hurricane Brew´N

Clarion Brillant Disguise

Ch. Gambit´s A Hurricane Brew´N

Ch. Clarion Paint A Rumor

Iniya Indeoendent of Armasis

Van-M Hurrican the next Star

Van-M Pal Joey II

Van-M Little Red Logo

Ch. Van-M Balloon Pilot

Van-M Sultan´s Archival

Van-M Brave New World

Van-M Little Red Bow

Dina Darling of Armasis


Lucky´s Bronze Timeless vom Sachenhof

Zindabad Di Cambiano

Lucky Star vom Sachsenhof

Clarion Arabesque in Gold

Qualitysblack Di Cambiano

Ultraclassica Di Cambiano