Clarions Magic Master vom Sachsenhof

MDR1 +/+

CEA +/-

DM +/+

HD/ED frei

Lucky´s Bronze Timeless vom Sachsenhof

Clarion´s Happy Honey

Lucky Star vom Sachsenhof

Clarion Arabesque in Gold

Pahlex Money don´t Matter

Clarions Annabell vom Sachenhof

Glasgowhill´s Your A Dream

MDR1 +/+

CEA +/+

DM +/+

HD/ED frei

CH. Glasgowhill´s Be A Rockstar

Glasgowhill´s Rave Review

CH. Glasgowhill Winning Ticket

Glasgowhill Dreams Come True

CH. Van-M That´s the Ticket

Van-M Take a Gander